Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rating: 7.5/10
Reading Ease: Reading Time:17 hours

Behind the bodybuilding, acting, real estate investing, and politician is Arnold, The Master Salesman, who has a herculean level of ambition, willingness to take risk and defy the odds. Arnold's drive and hunger is impressive [...]

The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership

Richard Branson
Rating: 6.5/10
Reading Ease: Reading Time:10 hours

The core message of the Virgin Way is Getting the Job Done and Having Fun Getting There. A vital part of that is trusting and investing in people; giving them the freedom to contribute and learn from mistakes. Richard [...]

Between the World and Me

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Rating: 9/10
Reading Ease: Reading Time:4 hours

In Between the World and Me, Coates write to his fifteen-year-old son, Samori, about questions regarding the nation’s history, culture, racial struggles and his experiences living in a black body in America. Forgetting [...]

Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl
Rating: 9/10
Reading Ease: Reading Time:5 hours

Wow, what an inspirational read, in spite of all the tragedy. Dr. Frankl’s story illustrates that even when one is at their weakest point they have the opportunity and a choice to be at their strongest. Reading this book [...]