3 Seemingly bad traits that actually help me

September 7th, 2013 Reading Time: 2 minutesPersonal Development


I am an incredibly stubborn individual. It doesn't mean I don’t listen to other people’s advice or opinions. I just like to protect my time and personal values. My stubbornness makes it very difficult to influence me. Growing up, when I was in college and even high school, which is another story of its own, peer pressure had met its match when projected my way. One would have to exert an unnecessary amount of energy to convince me to do things, especially stupid things. Ironically, my stubbornness saved me a lot of time and protected my attention, in the long run, to focus on true priorities. Additionally, because I wasn’t one to follow the crowd, I gained a lot of respect from like-minded peers who were usually in a student or social leadership role and appreciated my integrity and discipline.

Disregard For Titles

I rarely care what someone’s occupational title is in regards to how I go about treating them. I respect everyone by default. In my opinion, a lack of acknowledgment for someone's title who happens to be senior should not be seen as disrespectful. I am not naive to the hierarchical structures that exist within companies or society. I do make some extra effort to respect personal boundaries and acknowledge potential time scarcity for those in higher level positions. Titles should not define a person, just the scope of their responsibilities, even that I believe should be flexible. Instead, the character of that individual defines him/her. My disregard for titles reduces my fears when approaching or seeking out opportunities from people with high reputation or occupational standing. I have a personal drive to continuously improve myself knowing that titles will not define me, but my character is the agent that represents me. Understanding multiple perspectives and being able to communicate with empathy and meaning is another value proposition when talking with people including those with more experience than me.


I admit it, I am lazy. I don’t like to do repetitive tasks or things that don’t need to be done. However, I am a very hard working individual, and I rarely slouch around or waste time. In fact, I believe I get more done because of laziness. I am obsessed with time efficiency and using as little energy as possible to get things done. I want to best bang for my effort. So there you have it, I am stubborn, lazy, and I don’t care what your title is. I would have mostly likely been sentenced to death if I lived in Medieval times, in another life. But hey, I’m focused, efficient and not afraid to go after opportunities.

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