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As a lifelong learner, I want to help share as much as I can to help you lead a more fulfilling and productive life. I will detail my journey on learning how to discover and create opportunities. As well as systems, habits, and productivity methods I use to live as much as I can within a day. I’ll share Life lessons and stories from challenging and other interesting experiences to shed light on the characteristics of grit, resourcefulness, persistence and adaptability. In addition, I will share tools I come across that help me expand my capabilities and other principles and mindsets to grow personally and professionally.

About Me

Juvoni BeckfordI’m a Software Engineer, currently working at American Express on the Web UI team. I am passionate about Technology, Business, and Design. I also enjoy personal fitness and aim to find a balance between body and mind. In order to become the strongest version of myself, I am constantly in search of life principles that have been passed down from generations past and from people I encounter who have lessons and experiences to share. I am a practitioner of self-directed learning and in order to adapt and grow I aim to understand the principles of “learning how to learn”. Consequentially, I am also a voracious reader and deep listener. I hope my blog would serve as a place for a lively discussion about helping each other becoming the strongest version of ourselves.



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