5 Lessons I’ve learned from Entrepreneurs on the Road

June 17th, 2013 4 min readGeneral

Being around passionate entrepreneurs is quite an energizing atmosphere. I've had the fortune to meet many who inspire me to take risks and think of better ways to get things done. Here are 5 key themes entrepreneurs I look up to have mentioned and my interpretations of them:

Courage Starts Now

Courage is something we look for, not only in ourselves but also in others. It takes courage to reject the way things are "_supposed _" to be. The difficult times we live in today also takes courage and the younger generation is called upon to grow up faster and take on more responsibilities, as they face an uncertain future. For the older generation, it takes courage to change and try something new, but it’s never too late. Everyone is faced with the challenge of having the courage to believe in themselves and do what they really love to do.

Choose a problem that is sufficiently big but that can be reasonably taken on

Small ideas can have a big impact if it solves a big problem. Keep in mind that a solving a bigger problem doesn't always lead to a bigger reward. Do you want to build or help create something that will just be the trend of the quarter or something that will spark a great wave of creation? The world needs more people willing to take on bigger problems and to generate more empowering innovations that will allow for technology to be our sidekick rather than just our plaything.

It isn't easy, learn from hardships

Behind the false perceptions of easy and quick riches, there are people sometimes living in their cars, cramped incubator spaces, hopping from place to place with Airbnb, in coffee shops building the next big thing, etc. Many making sacrifices, bearing with great discomfort and loss, so that their idea or company can get that extra bit of fuel to live another day. The road won’t be easy and there will probably be many mistakes. With all the obstacles you encounter, a mental map can form with each mistake or success etched on a blank sheet, the marks accumulating, making up a map and guiding you to where you need to be. Along your journey you will need to be persistent and have a thick skin for all the criticism and doubt that will come your way.

Patience is necessary, but do not confuse it with inaction.

Knowing when to act isn't always the easiest thing to do. In some situations delaying action and being patient can make all the difference. When you are patient, you should take on an observational state and take a step back to see things from a bigger picture or another perspective. Try to get a feel for the cycle and flow of things around you and utilize all the information and data in combination with your instincts to make a decision. Even, not acting is a possible decision you can take. As long as you overcome your fears and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves in order to execute on plans.

You can't succeed, if you quit

Companies can come and go, but it is the entrepreneurial spirit that must remain. With that comes the power and will to rebuild, be resilient, adapt and move forward. Never doubt yourself because you are your own most capable cheerleader._If you've received advice that has changed your view on things or has helped you to succeed that you would like to share comment down below, email me or send me a tweet to be shared to help others as well. _

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