Addiction: A Disorder Of Choice

byGene M. Heyman
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Published: 2010Read: May 16, 2012Pages: 216
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by Juvoni Beckford@juvoni

Herman's addiction takes an alternative look at the view of addiction being more like a chronic disease, which tends to give people with addictions less burden for their situation, painting it as something not totally in their control. Herman's takes a more scientific and academic approach finding that a segment of addicts tends to quit in their 40s more incentivized by economic and personal incentives, and less psychological ones. Addiction a disorder of choice looks at the mental and behavioral conditions that can lead someone to assess the consequences of their decisions rationally, hoping to empower a drug addict to take more control over their lives. It's an important alternative to look, backed with data to lead to a more productive debate about a serious topic that affects a large number of people.

Motivations to Read

Knowing someone who has an addiction isn't common. If it hits close to home, it can be a tremendous burden and source of pain for a family. We feel powerless, as someone care about seems to be fighting a losing battle. Is it a disease or is it by choice? Gene Heyman believes that addiction is voluntary, and he attempts to make a compelling case with years of research and case studies.

Personally, I feel I have addictive tendencies, but I've seemed to will my way into avoiding any drugs or dangerous substance. A part of me believes my ego is too defensive to risk my ambitions, so I choose to abstain from them. But does everyone have the power to make that choice or are they in less control than we think?

3 Reasons to Read

  • A look at addiction as influenced by preferences and goals, and therefore for some is a choice
  • Psychiatric epidemiology, addicts' autobiographies, treatment studies, and advances in behavioral economics references into addiction
  • Alternative opinions and debate between disease vs choice addiction theories
Notes for this book are still being transcribed.
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posted November 17, 2015

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