Richard P. Feynman
ISBN: 0738206369
Read: 6/13/2013
Pages: 486
Rating: 7.5/10
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Reading Ease: Reading Time:13 hours

Perfectly reasonable deviations was an enjoyable book, with many intimate moments, partly due to the source material being letters that which covered 50 or so years of his life from his teaching days at CalTech to letters to his ill wife in his latter years. Richard Feynman was an American physicist known for his work in quantum mechanics, particle physics and his participation in the Manhattan Project, the wartime U.S Army project at Los Alamos developing the atomic bomb. Feynman had a gift for communicating some of the most complex problems in very simple analogies and did so in some of his letters, including those to some aspiring students.

Motivations to Read

During my younger teen years of binge watching the science channel, I had come across Richard Feynman's name multiple times. He was portrayed as a legend about I was curious as to why he had a cult-like following. I would later find out he was a Nobel Prize winner in Physics back in 1965. He has also worked on the atomic bomb. He was a genius, and I was curious about his life.

3 Reasons to Read

  • Learn more about the life of Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman
  • Good advice on following your passions
  • Simple insights about Science
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