The Power of Full Engagement

byJim Loehr, Tony Schwartz
Rating 7.5 /10 Readability
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Published: 2005Read: August 18, 2015Pages: 222
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by Juvoni Beckford@juvoni

The Power of Full Engagement emphasizes the importance of energy management over time management to be truly effective. There are four key sources of energy you can mobilize: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. Loehr and Schwartz provide the right balance between anecdotes and science-based research to form the basis of their arguments. I found myself nodding in agreement a lot when reading, but also felt unsatisfied in some ways, where they only just scratched the surface. It doesn't go as deep as it could, and some parts feel shallow, but the message is still very powerful.

Motivations to Read

It took me a while to start taking energy management more seriously. I was too preoccupied with time. After going through burnout I knew I needed a change. I wanted to work smarter, not just harder. Rest would be a key factor in enabled me to do more good. Rest and managing my energy better is also an act of being more compassionate towards myself.

3 Reasons to Read

  • Mobilize you for key sources of energy: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental
  • Create highly specific, positive energy management rituals to make lasting changes
  • A roadmap to becoming more fully engaged in many aspects of your life

Notable Quotes

Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance. - Jim Loehr We live in a world that celebrates work and activity, ignores renewal and recovery, and fails to recognize that both are necessary for sustained high performance. - Jim Loehr To be fully engaged, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest. - Jim Loehr

Notes for this book are still being transcribed.
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posted May 22, 2016

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