The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

byAtul Gawande
Rating 8 /10 Readability
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Published: 2011Read: March 10, 2013Pages: 215
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by Juvoni Beckford@juvoni

Checklists can save lives and keep you from making big mistakes at work and in your personal life. People make mistakes and as the systems we operate in become even more complex, we will be prone to make more of them. Inundated with information we can also forget important steps, so the solution to most of these problems of complexity and ignorance is to use checklists. Gawande describes how to make a good checklist and how checklists have helped prevent plane crashes, doctors from accidentally making a mistake or forgetting something during surgery and other situations in which a simple checklist brings to mind all the important things that must get done.

Motivations to Read

I started reading this book when I was picking up speed with my personal development, and I had begun using automated systems to gather different metrics along multiple areas of growth. With all that data, I created some habits to analyze my information on a weekly and monthly basis. I wanted to see how I could use checklists to make sure I was consistent with taking the right follow-up actions from insights uncovered through my analysis.

3 Reasons to Read

  • Learn how to create a well-written checklist
  • Use checklists to help organize complexity
  • If you work in a field with great importance on attention to detail, involves a lot of repetition or where forgetting something small can lead to big mistakes; i.e Medicine, Technology, Manufacturing, Sales, etc.
Notes for this book are still being transcribed.
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posted June 3, 2015

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