The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future

byMartin Ford
Rating 7 /10 Readability
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Published: 2009Read: November 17, 2013Pages: 262
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by Juvoni Beckford@juvoni

The Lights in the Tunnel imagines the future of the economy, with machines becoming more capable of doing mental activities instead of just physical labor. It aims to project out potential outcomes for where advancing technology, job automation, outsourcing and globalization mean for the economy and working class people. Martin Ford rightly argues that the pace of technological advancement is destabilizing for society and disproportionately removes middle and lower class individuals from the workforce. However, I felt his tone was too doom and gloom and I don't think the damage is too permanent as more time passes and people are able to adapt, which I think we will.

Motivations to Read

Another book I saw recommended to read for more insights into technologies' effect on the economy and jobs. I was also drawn by the title and it's powerful concept and analogy of lights in the tunnel representing participants in the economy.

3 Reasons to Read

  • Learn more about how job automation impact the economy in the future
  • How will the offshore outsourcing trend evolve in the coming years?
  • Will advancing technology always make society as a whole more wealthy? Or could it someday cause a severe economic depression?
Notes for this book are still being transcribed.
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posted February 21, 2016

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