2013 Annual Review

7 min read

2014 Annual Review

10 min read

2015 Annual Review

21 min read

2016 Annual Review

33 min read

The purpose of this annual review is for me to reflect on the year by asking these four questions: What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I reducing or eliminating? What am I working toward?

2018 Annual Review

38 min read

This Annual Review is for me. But I would like to share it with you. Each year I do an audit of my life, the mistakes, the lessons, and learnings. It's a deeper look into my mind and life. Hopefully, theirs something you can take away and introduce into your own life or something to spark a deeper conversation with me.

Rebirth of Adventure: Land of Fire and Ice

5 min read

The start of 2015 would mark over ten years, in which I hadn't traveled out of the country; the last time was when I was around 14 visiting family in the West Indies. I've had some travel opportunities come up but felt complacent in staying domestic, travel soon became a fear. I spent much of my younger years building my inner world (mentally), abl ...

The Tale of a Student Hustle: The Candy Man

24 min read