Choosing between Print, E-Book and Audiobook

10 min read

Choosing the right reading medium for the content, situation and your personality, can make a lot of difference in your reading experience and in helping you achieve your reading goals. There are multiple options for reading, Print, E-Books or Audiobooks.

Discovering how to love reading, to read more and smarter

11 min read

I hated reading when I was younger because it seemed like I was being sentenced to read as a punishment or forced to read something of little importance to my interests. As I grew older, I began to understand the importance of reading for personal development, but I still felt that I didn't have enough drive or time to read.

Reading Multiple Books at a Time

6 min read

A common question I get asked is, “How can you remember what you read or where you left off at if you’re reading multiple books in a day or week?”. You can read multiple books at a time and more books in a year by reading in context. Choosing a period of time, place or activity that is consistent with a particular book you are reading.

The Book Purgatory List

4 min read

I keep a list called, "Book Purgatory", any recommendations I receive or find from other means have the potential to go to Book Purgatory. Book Purgatory is where book recommendations go to await judgment on whether they are worthy of your time and attention to read. Not all recommendations go to this list, I have a first stage filter for books tha ...

Using Trello to Track and Manage your Reading

7 min read