Juvoni Beckford | Cut Your Learning Curve #15

July 26th, 2018 2 min readPodcast

Listen in to this episode of Cut Your Learning Curve, hosted by Nate Cooper. Cut Your Learning Curve is about learning anything faster by learning how to set achievable goals and effective habits. Nate explores the many aspects and paths to learning, looking at the brain, personal motivations, and habits. Nate has years of experience teaching adults technology as well as design thinking. In this podcast episode, we chat about how growing up in the Bronx motivated my learning direction, focus, and ambitions. How recognizing the patterns that kept people within the environment from reaching their full potential. How playing games growing up unlocked my entrepreneurial mind and how subsequently having the discipline to give games up and cultivating delayed gratification unlocked the focus needed to go after the right goals and achievements. I also get a chance to explore my understanding of general intelligence and what are the areas to improve on towards getting smarter. These categories are:

  • Thinking Speed
  • Thinking Endurance
  • Thinking Capacity
  • Pattern Matching
  • Thought Translation
  • Communication of Ideas
  • Internalization of Concepts

I enjoyed being on this podcast and hope you enjoy listening!

Let me know what points resonated with you. itunesbutton7 pocket casts listen 200px

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