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November 19th, 2018 3 min readLife

Excited to share I’ll be joining Google as a Software Engineer.

Thanks to my family, friends, and colleagues who continue to believe in me and push me forward. I continue to be inspired by you all and realize how much of success in life is a team game and shared effort. Surround yourself with the right people, put the work in and keep an open and curious mind and progress is inevitable.

Reflecting on the load road it’s been, I think back to the many sacrifices my mother made, to shield me from the chaos and pain of our circumstances and how much she emphasized learning and hard work. She would plead to my first elementary school to accept me even tho she couldn’t afford it, and the kindness of strangers, The Nuns who ran the Catholic school allowed my mother to be a volunteer teacher, in exchange for me gaining admission to the elementary school. Being in that safe environment for my early learning changed my life.

I think back to the first time I got a computer when I was a kid. It was gifted to me as my family couldn’t afford to buy me one at the time. The kindness of a stranger to gift me that computer changed my life.

I think back to my great aunt and cousin who took me, my mother and brother in when we got evicted from our home, and my cousin taught me how to use the computer. That guidance and inspiration sparked a curiosity that changed my life.

I think back to having the opportunity to go to college through the Higher Education Opportunity Program as we couldn’t afford it. The passion and generosity of strangers who wanted disadvantage kids to have access to college and getting accepted into the program changed my life, I would go on to learn more about technology, while staying in the business school. I sacrificed 3 years of spring and summer breaks, no partying or vacations to stay focused and so I could teach myself how to code.

Technology isn’t an entity of its own, but an extension of human will. That will can be exercised in many ways and is often shaped by its creators and their experiences. I am to focus my will to extend the empowerment of others.

A lot of pain, sacrifice and suffering along the way that has left some scars and shaped me. But, the kindness, love, and connection of others, continues to heal me and fill me with immense gratitude and meaning.

Thank you for being a part of the journey. I’m proud and excited to start work soon at Google and look forward to using and share resources to invest in others.

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