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Ahh, that brand new site smell! I'm excited to release a brand new format and design for the blog. My blog is nearing on two years, and it was time for a refresh. I've been hard at work for the last couple months working on implementing a clean, modern custom design and doing some functional development for a richer user experience. As the site grew, I realized that it's bear bones frame was limiting the experience on the site as well as the types of content I could publish. I wanted to make the site more robust and something that readers would enjoy coming to despite that fact that I cross-post some content on other platforms. Over 130+ hours (spread over five months) of design, development, iteration and tweaking later it's finally here. [ Screenshot 2015-05-11 06.21.38

Before (Home Page)

Old Site Home Page

After (Home Page)

New Site Home   Content is now more easily browsable. Featured content is also more prominent on the site.

Before (Post)

Old Site Post

After (Post)

New Site Post Posts are more streamlined and easier to share. The typography is easier on the eyes and the reading experience overall just feels more crisp. You also can see a reading progress indicator, so you know how far you are from the end of the post.   I would also like to introduce an extension to the site,, which is a curated list of books I've read and would recommend. Some people would often message me for book recommendations or my interests in books would come up during a conversation and people would ask. Now, I have a more open and consistent process for sharing the value I uncover from reading books. I have given each book a rating based on a 10-point scale as well as a readability score for how difficult the book is to read through. Each book recommendation has a remark, a short snippet on why I read the book and three reasons bullets on why you should read. Over time, I will publish my notes for a select group of books when I have time to organize them. You also have the ability to vote for a particular book to raise the priority for how quickly I publish notes for a particular book. The old version of books was hidden and a quarter way into development.  This was around the time I had finally made the decision just to go ahead and rebuild the site entirely.

Before (Books)

Old Site Books

After (Books)

New Site Books me or click the feedback button. You can also comment down below. I hope you like the update!

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