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September 13th, 2018 2 min readPodcast

I was invited on to speak on my experiences on the mindset around "optimizing your life" on the Craft of Charisma Podcast.

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In this episode, we get to speak about the origins and motivations behind this blog. My reading habits, including how I discovered my love of reading, how I organize and take notes and how to read more and faster. How to develop a writing habit and the many forms of writing practices you can do to build your own writing habit.

We talk about tools to help manage the numerous distractions online, time management and productivity techniques.

I also got to speak more about the idea of becoming more antifragile, using stress and chaos to become stronger. There are limits to this, and I talk about my experience going through depression in the past. I never thought I would go through it, I was high off my ambition and confident in my mental strength, but like the biological immune system, my mental immune system was weakened through continual big life events that broke me down.

Optimizing your life is about learning from the lives of others and being a student of your own life, so you can leverage the experiences and lessons of others, learn and grow from your own experiences, cultivate personal responsibility and inner power to make the most of the shortness of life in the way that you want.

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