Discovering how to love reading, to read more and smarter

11 min read

I hated reading when I was younger because it seemed like I was being sentenced to read as a punishment or forced to read something of little importance to my interests. As I grew older, I began to understand the importance of reading for personal development, but I still felt that I didn't have enough drive or time to read.

The Elephant in the Room: Technology at Fordham

19 min read

The Tale of a Student Hustle: The Candy Man

24 min read

You are a Habit Detective

11 min read

You’ve arrived on the scene. The location hasn’t changed, but your awareness has. What are you looking for? What are you trying to solve? Well, in this mystery there’s a dilemma, not only are you the detective; you’re also the suspect. You’re a Habit Detective trying to find clues towards changing your behavior. A habit is a pattern of behavior rep ...

You are a Rocketship, This is how you blast off

13 min read