Personal Development

2013 Annual Review

7 min read

2014 Annual Review

10 min read

Data Driven Gains(z)

11 min read

Making data-driven fitness decisions to do less and get more out of your workouts. The tool used is Jefit to track your reps, sets, and rest time and plan custom workouts around the data. Be a student of your body and exercise with purpose and attention to detail.

Discovering how to love reading, to read more and smarter

11 min read

I hated reading when I was younger because it seemed like I was being sentenced to read as a punishment or forced to read something of little importance to my interests. As I grew older, I began to understand the importance of reading for personal development, but I still felt that I didn't have enough drive or time to read.

Questions are like Fish Bait for Opportunities

8 min read

Reflections on Mortality and the Drive for Success

5 min read

A discussion came up around the observation that for some people the fear of death cripples them and prevents them from truly living and for other’s it gives them a spark to live.

The Edge of Tomorrow's Habits

10 min read

We are what we repeatedly do. In some form or another the power of habit and a repeated and focused effort towards a vision or goal has transformed individuals and moved society forward. A habit is something we regularly do without consciously thinking much about it. It is an automatic mental and behavioral activity; a pattern of behavior. How much ...

Using Trello to Track and Manage your Reading

7 min read

You are a Habit Detective

11 min read

You’ve arrived on the scene. The location hasn’t changed, but your awareness has. What are you looking for? What are you trying to solve? Well, in this mystery there’s a dilemma, not only are you the detective; you’re also the suspect. You’re a Habit Detective trying to find clues towards changing your behavior. A habit is a pattern of behavior rep ...

You are a Rocketship, This is how you blast off

13 min read