Understanding Technology is like a Battle

June 6th, 2013 4 min read

Link to free resource: **_[Learning Technology/Coding Care Package](http://www.scribd.com/doc/126959684/Learning-Technology-Coding-Care-Package)_** Scared of technology? Time to get over the fear. Many people who get ahead in the modern economy will be those who understand technology and those who hustle and act quickly to make the best use of it. Technology is like a sidekick that fights the evil henchmen, leaving way for you to deal with the serious super villain caliber problems in your life. There is no need to go in alone. Also, don't think of technology as an entity of its own. It is more of an extension of human nature and a tool to enhance, enable, preserve and connect what we create and how we interact. Technology has opened up opportunities for many to participate in.Your chance to tap into the benefits of the digital economy is now. Why should gaining a better understanding of technology be your priority? Let's take a closer look.1) Employment: Do you want to compete with a million other applicants for few non-technical job openings, or do you want multiple employers competing for your tech skills? 2)Payment: Tech internships usually are paid, as opposed to many other fields that offer unpaid or credit-only internships. This is crucial for people who want early career development while lessening the debt load.3)Entrepreneurship: Technical skills can enable you to create your own job. In our current economic climate, more people need to kindle their entrepreneurial spirit. Plan A didn't work? Plan B could be to create your own position. Technology enables you to do it.With that said, where do you start? Anyone can learn to code. Including you, and I can help you. I want to help as many people as I can to get involved in technology. Each new person adds perspective and knowledge, which can spread and speed up innovative and creative technological efforts that will lead to solving the tough challenges we face today. Sharing the benefits of technology causes a network effect of liberation and enlightenment, as it did for me personally growing up in the inner cities of New York. The tools we have today simply need to be pieced together, why not have more people helping to put together the puzzle. Learning to code is a modern day “super power”, giving you the opportunity to strengthen logical and analytical abilities, to think about problems in a whole new way. I taught myself how to code because it allowed me to make up for the disadvantages I grew up with by allowing me to be more productive, efficient, and effective through automation and integration of tasks and devices. Throughout the months to years I spent learning more about technology and how to code, I documented my path, organizing good content, recommendations, tips, articles and other high quality materials to learn from. I've put together a FREE reference resource, the Learning Technology/Coding Care Package, to help aid you in _your _journey to better understand technology and learn how to code. Learning to code takes a lot of practice, in addition to maintaining the mantra of the lifelong learner, which applies to all areas, not just programming. I am no expert, but I am confident in my abilities to learn overtime as progress is inevitable, as long as I don't give up. Feel free to share this post and tech care package. If you have any resources or advice for possibly improving upon future versions of this package be sure to contact me. In the words of Herbert Spencer, “The great aim of education is not solely knowledge, but action.” I encourage you to take this and put it to action.

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