How I Organize and Collect with Wunderlist

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Wunderlist is a simple, aesthetic and easy-to-use task management tool. Here are some uses and examples for better organizing your personal and work tasks. Keeping my life better organized has been one of the major stress prevention and reduction habits I've built, besides going to the gym consistently.

Keeping your personal development on track

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Mobile devices are a great tool to keep track of your personal development. "What gets measured gets managed." Peter Drucker. A collection of some of the best apps to keep track of your personal development including habits, productivity, fitness, nutrition, sleep, finance, reading, and meditation. The tools for Quantified Self on Android.

The Tools I use for the Quantified Self

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Wonders of Wunderlist

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tools of the Time Manager

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The best resources and tools to start better managing your time to become more productive and have time for the things that truly matter.