2013 Annual Review

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2014 Annual Review

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2015 Annual Review

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2016 Annual Review

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The purpose of this annual review is for me to reflect on the year by asking these four questions: What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I reducing or eliminating? What am I working toward?

Finding My Fitness

5 min read

Keeping a fit mind through reading and learning is something I was more encouraged on as a child than keeping a fit body. Our upbringings lead us to fall into either side when the right path may be a balance of both. I wasn’t overweight as a child by any means; I would use the term twig-like. The unhealthy food was expensive, and the healthy food w ...

Rebirth of Adventure: Land of Fire and Ice

5 min read

The start of 2015 would mark over ten years, in which I hadn't traveled out of the country; the last time was when I was around 14 visiting family in the West Indies. I've had some travel opportunities come up but felt complacent in staying domestic, travel soon became a fear. I spent much of my younger years building my inner world (mentally), abl ...

The Emotional Journal

5 min read

Emotional Intelligence contains multiple areas that include knowing one's emotions: Self-awareness, Managing emotions, and Motivating oneself. It's also a skill in recognizing emotions in others: Empathy, and Handling Relationships. The book Emotional Intelligence* by Daniel Goldman focuses on the evolution of certain parts of the brain that regula ...