Personal Development

3 Tools to Herd in Your Spending & Keep Your Income Stable

8 min read

Capture the Content You Value

8 min read

Data Driven Gains(z)

11 min read

Making data-driven fitness decisions to do less and get more out of your workouts. The tool used is Jefit to track your reps, sets, and rest time and plan custom workouts around the data. Be a student of your body and exercise with purpose and attention to detail.

Finding My Fitness

5 min read

Keeping a fit mind through reading and learning is something I was more encouraged on as a child than keeping a fit body. Our upbringings lead us to fall into either side when the right path may be a balance of both. I wasn’t overweight as a child by any means; I would use the term twig-like. The unhealthy food was expensive, and the healthy food w ...

Keeping your personal development on track

8 min read

Mobile devices are a great tool to keep track of your personal development."What gets measured gets managed." Peter Drucker. A collection of some of the best apps to keep track of your personal development including habits, productivity, fitness, nutrition, sleep, finance, reading, and meditation. The tools for Quantified Self on Android.

Pomodoro Time Forecasting

10 min read

The Pomodoro Time Forecasting system is a way to pre-commit chunks of time towards focused effort with Pomodoros for work or some other initiative. At the end or start of the week, you estimate how much free time you have per day and at the end of the week you compare how much Pomodoros you have completed with the total amount of time you estimated ...

Questions are like Fish Bait for Opportunities

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Reflections on Mortality and the Drive for Success

5 min read

A discussion came up around the observation that for some people the fear of death cripples them and prevents them from truly living and for other’s it gives them a spark to live.

The Emotional Journal

5 min read

Emotional Intelligence contains multiple areas that include knowing one's emotions: Self-awareness, Managing emotions, and Motivating oneself. It's also a skill in recognizing emotions in others: Empathy, and Handling Relationships. The book Emotional Intelligence* by Daniel Goldman focuses on the evolution of certain parts of the brain that regula ...

The Edge of Tomorrow's Habits

10 min read

We are what we repeatedly do. In some form or another the power of habit and a repeated and focused effort towards a vision or goal has transformed individuals and moved society forward. A habit is something we regularly do without consciously thinking much about it. It is an automatic mental and behavioral activity; a pattern of behavior. How much ...

The Tools I use for the Quantified Self

6 min read

Tools of the Time Manager

7 min read

The best resources and tools to start better managing your time to become more productive and have time for the things that truly matter.

Using for Monthly and Annual Budgeting

9 min read is a personal financial program that focuses on budgeting and tracking expenses. Once you signup and link your financial accounts over their secure service, it downloads and syncs your transaction data as well as intelligently auto-categorizing them. You can create and manage financial goals as well as setup alerts. I started using mint ar ...

Using Trello to Track and Manage your Reading

7 min read

You are a Rocketship, This is how you blast off

13 min read